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Grooming FAQ
Does my pet have to stay at the salon all day?
Why is my pet put in a cage?
Why does my pet come home tired after the grooming?
Are your shampoos mild?
Will your shampoos wash off "spot on" treatments?
Can my pet be cut or injured during its groom?
Should i brush my pet at home?
How frequently can my pet be bathed safely?
Why is my pets' grooming session taking longer than expected?
Can i stay and watch my pet being groomed?
No, your pet does not have to stay at the salon all day. However; if your schedule requires the need for us to keep your pet past the allotted time for the groom, we can keep your pet at an additional cost. We will provide "potty breaks" and water (only)during this extended visit. Treats will be given with permission from owner.
Your pet is safest when in a cage. We feel its best for the health,safety and well being of your pet. Your pet will not be exposed to fleas,ticks,urine,feces or aggressive pets while in their individual space.
We only use the highest quality detergent free pet shampoo. While some of our shampoos have a fragrance, we have hypoallergenic shampoos available for pets with sensitive skin. These hypoallergenic shampoos contain no fragrances our dyes.
Yes, you should brush your pet at home. All breeds of dogs benefit from brushing. It stimulates the production of oils in their skin and coat. It also will remove debris,tangles, and undercoat. The time you spend brushing your pet also contributes to that special bond with your pet.
We have created an environment that is safe and lends itself to your pet always being in view. But it is important to remember that pets are live animals that "wiggle" and "wriggle" while on the grooming table! As pet groomers we do EVERYTHING possible to prevent injury to your pet. On rare occasions,a sudden unexpected movement by pets can cause the to injury themselves. For that reason, we ask for your veterinary clinics name on your first visit to the salon. Should they become injured we will take them to your desired veterinarian.
All our pet shampoos are detergent free and will not wash off "spot on" treatments such as Advantage or Frontline.
Your pet can be bathed as frequently as needed,as long as the shampoo is of high quality and rinsed from their coat thoroughly. Many of our pets visit us weekly for a bath and brushing.
Your pet likely rests or sleeps all or most of the day while you are away from your home working or running errands. While at the salon they spend there time being groomed or watching other pets being groomed. The change in their daily routine has caused them to miss their daily naps. It is completly normal an expected that your pet will want to sleep when they return to their home. No worries!
Sometimes the unexpected can occur. Your pets's coat is more matted and tangled than originally thought or needs a little extra TLC to get through the grooming process safely and happy. We always call our pet owners immediately upon completion of the groom. Please be patient and await our call informing you that your pet is ready to be picked up. Because phone numbers for people change frequently, we have developed the habit of double checking your contact phone number when you drop your pet off for services.
Unfortunately,we do not recommend you staying with your pet while it is being groomed. Your pet needs to bond with us in order to feel safe. Your presence can possible distract them and make them exited. Your absence during the grooming process helps train them for future groomings.